Troubleshooting for sonotrode failure

Sonotrode optimization

During the irradiation, the sonotrodes perform a pulsating motion in their entire extent and structure. Because of this, they are exposed to high loads. In addition to failure, it also causes welding and quality problems. If the sonotrode vibrates at the welding surfaces with the same amplitude, the part is not exposed to the same heat, the welding quality is not the same. Leakage, causes bond strength problems. If we weld the workpiece harder to avoid this, we will experience over-welding elsewhere, resp. in some places the workpiece is damaged and deformed. This can be avoided by post-optimization. First step, an accurate drawing of the sonotrode, possibly a 3D model (.step, .iges format). The manufacturer, type, frequency and material of the sonotrode of the welding machine are also essential info. The sonotrode is then virtually inspected (FEM). The sonotrode is tested for frequency, amplitude distribution, material voltage. This is of course a fee. Then, if physical optimization is possible, we make an offer. Physical intervention and control takes approx. It takes 4-8 business days, depending on workload..

A poorly designed, scaled sonotrode can also damage the sonotrode itself, the converter, and the generator.

Image of poorly sized sonotrode

Resonant but not optimized sonotrode

Optimized amplitude

Physical optimization of sonotrode