Ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic spot welding, ultrasonic riveting, ultrasonic insert implantation, ultrasonic line welding, ultrasonic sewing, ultrasonic cutting, packaging technology.
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Hegesztéstechnika labortechnika ultrahangtechnika

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Our main activity is ultrasonic plastic welding and related problem solutions.

Although with a reduced capacity and selection, we are also available in the field of ultrasonic cleaning.

Distribution and service of ultrasonic welders and washers. Sonotrode and target machine production.

Ultrasonic welding

Excellent quality, reproducibility, high productivity!

Ultrasonic welding generally takes place in 0.1-0.5 seconds. For this, we can calculate a freezing time of 0.5-1 sec. We can therefore say that a very short cycle time is achievable. In the optimal case, the scrap does not even reach a value of 0.1-0.2%. Clean, environmentally friendly. The more advanced versions of the welders record and store 15-25 data from the short welding cycle and even create a graph. In case of automation, they also communicate with the central PC-PLC.

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Ultrasonic plastic welding, packaging technology, insert implantation.

High degree of cleanliness, with an ultrasonic cleaner, even without disassembly!

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used in almost all areas of life.

To be clear: ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency (typically 20-400 kHz) sound waves to mechanically remove dirt from hard surfaces in an aqueous or organic solution. As a result of the ultrasound, cavitation occurs in the liquid, during which small bubbles (max. 1 µm) are formed, which mechanically loosen the dirt and separate it from the surface. The dirt settles at the bottom of the container used in the process. The small cavitation bubbles also exert their effect in hidden, hard-to-reach parts of the object, if the liquid is also present there.

It is important to use the right solvent, as the solvent envelops and neutralizes the dirt separated by cavitation, preventing it from re-adhering to the surface. So the practical effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning without solvents is close to zero!

Industry, healthcare, service, food industry, 3D printers, etc...


Relying on almost 40 years of professional experience, we eliminate a lot of malfunctions, despite the fact that manufacturers make very little technical information public either in manuals, on the Internet, or by direct request.

We have a particularly good relationship with some manufacturers and they help us with information and spare parts. Unfortunately, some manufacturers refuse to cooperate. In this case, the repair is more difficult, takes a little longer, and may fail.

If you have a problem, please contact us so we can help.

Hardsonic szerviz
Hardsonic elméleti és gyakorlati oktatás
Theoretical and practical education

There are two solutions. One solution is a 1-day (8:00-16:30) theoretical and practical training at a shared location with Budaörs Herrmann Ultrahang Kft. In general, you have to wait for 10-15 people to apply.

The other solution is that we hold theoretical and/or practical training at the Customer’s premises, at a pre-arranged time and with the number of staff. Usually 2-3 hours of theory and 2-3 hours of practice, according to prior agreement.

If necessary, contact us and request a quote.

Application technology service

There are also cases when “inherited” technology or machines have to be operated, or many scrap parts are made despite the best intentions. Perhaps the team of specialists who were “professionals” in ultrasonic welding left the company. We are happy to help you in this case as well.

In the first round, the component drawings (3D model, in .step or .iges format), knowledge of the material of the component, and knowledge of the welding machine’s technical data are required. Detailed description of the problem, complete with photos. Then there is a site visit where the mechanical and welding parameters are refined.

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Ultrasonic plastic welding, implantation, ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic sewing.

Sonotrode, welding nest production, renovation, optimization

We make sonotrodes and welding nests for any type of ultrasonic equipment.

We also check and retune existing sonotrode and renovate its worn surface. It is essential to know the operating frequency and data of the welding machine and the sonotrode, the existence of 3D models, e.g. of the workpiece.

Packaging technology, trade in used machines.